Progress Not Perfection

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It's more than half way through the year and I continue to find myself saying the same old thing - 'time flies'. 

I am super intentional with my time these days, but it still manages to get away from me. This past year was weird for the world and we are all finding a new normal (and perhaps an ever changing one). The great news is, I trust that I am always where I am supposed to be!  You are too! 

We impose incredible and often ridiculously unrealistic expectations on ourselves. We were conditioned to a long time ago.  We grew up hearing and witnessing events and behavior and we decided what normal was and what perfect was. We were told to be this or do that and we wanted to please our care takers and be a 'good girl'. We have likely been striving to achieve that level of perfection ever since. Trust me when I say, it is great to have high standards, but expectations of perfection have no place in life or business at all. The best success I have ever created has come from aligned, messy action.  Waiting around for things to be 'perfect' is a great way to (subconsciously) take yourself out of the game before you even start.

I say this from experience.

We cannot think our way through all things.  Some things are just learned by doing. You do not have to do it alone! You do need to be willing to love yourself through your growth, mistakes and next level celebrations. While I always strive to be my best, grace is something I practice with myself daily.

I give myself grace as I work through my fears and do things scared.

I give myself grace when I screw things up (alllll the time).

I give myself grace when I fumble my message or words.

I give myself grace when I speak from my head and not my heart.

I give myself grace when feel exhausted.


If you're feeling a bit lost or you've quit planning for your business because it is not where you hoped it would be, it's not too late to generate record breaking sales and most importantly, fall back in love with your business and your life!  Create it, take messy action, and do the things! Then look to your action, accomplishments, sales, desires and dreams and plan what you'd like your business to look like for the next 6 months.

If you have been killing it in business, congrats! Abundance is a powerful space to keep building on what you've built.

Focusing on movement, on action and making progress makes reaching your goals an enjoyable experience, even when we are stretching ourselves to new levels that feel scary. Taking steps toward progress each day establishes evidence that we can reflect back on, helping to reinforce the belief that! Because you can.  If I can do it, we can do it!

Trying to be perfect keeps us small, because perfection needs predictability - it craves the sure thing!  It also robs us of the celebrations we earn with each step (or misstep) of our journey. It's time to throw perfection out the window.

Instead let us commit to progress. Progress not perfection. 

When you are willing to adopt a 'do something' attitude lots of things get done. It may feel overwhelming, but doing one thing each day adds up to huge results. Here are some tips to help you show up powerfully everyday.

If you desire extra support to skyrocket your business, I am offering access to my self guided Sisters in Success Program.  Find out more about it here.

I am fired up and ready to take on August! If you are committing to progress, let me know in the comments below.


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