Build on Building, Stop Starting Over

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I was so tired of starting over. Can you relate?
Launching new offers is supposed to be fun but I just felt overwhelmed and frustrated creating gaps between my offers. These gaps cost me all the momentum I had built instead of building on what I was building.  Since I am good at husting (oh hey default programming), that's what I did.
Hustled to fill the gaps and make money thinking I am just not good at sales. 
That just led to more overwhelm, more frustration, and eventually burnout. 
I was ready for more. Ready to keep growing and scaling my business but I couldn't do it THAT way. 
It only took a subtle shift.
I started showing up in my business my way. Just aligned action and managed energy. No forcing it. No worrying about what others were doing. No more looking outside of me for answers. (This one was huge!) I learned to sell.
I took my power from situational to unconditional.
Now launches just feel like attuned connections, offering incredible products and services from my heart and kicking it with friends.
The best part though- they are! 👏🏼
I have learned to sell my way and I'm ready to show you how to sell your way.
We have got to stop starting over and build on building if you desire our business to grow.  You get to be wildly successful, your business can support you to the limits of your wildest dreams, but you have to go ALL IN! You have to be willing to do both the inner and outer work, good news is, both result in your growth and betterment. 
You have heard me talk a lot lately about dropping the hustle for aligned action. 
It is so worth it and I know it sounds hard. 

Maybe it's what we were taught. Maybe its just a habit we've fallen into, but hustle mode used to run my life. I call them the auto pilot years. Years where I was just going through the motions of being a wife, mom, employee and entrepreneur but despite how hard I tried and how hard I worked, there was still never enough.   

Hustling as a way of life is not sustainable.  It leads to burnout, exhaustion, resentment and regret.

You might be in hustle mode if you are always busy but feel like you never get anything done.

You might be in hustle mode if you never have time for yourself.

You might be in hustle mode if you are stretched thin and still stretching. 

Dropping the hustle mentality and tapping into your magic creates the aligned actions that you can execute effortlessly. THIS is the secret sauce, if you will. It isn't something we control or force, it is a reward we receive when we love and trust ourselves. 

In Slay Your Sales, I am taking you on a journey to create your perfect offer, perfecting your messaging and road mapping your plan to sell it your way, no hustle required.

I am super excited about this program because it is super high touch and personal and what I am teaching has changed my business. What you'll learn will help you create offers that build on building. This is the last time this year I will be offering this sales course, so jump in if you are on the fence. We will be creating a Black Friday offer and you'll be able to use this method to create all of your future sales offers as well, from creation to launch!

The fun begins tomorrow!

I hope you got a ton of value from this post! 

Sending lots of love and a high five high five,


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