Pocket Social Selling Guide with Customizable Template

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Your guide to social selling, in your back pocket!

Social media provides an incredible opportunity to market yourself and your business offers but like all things, there's an easy way and a hard way to growth and success. 

Increase your online confidence, presence and social selling skills with this 22 page guide full of 75+ tips, strategies and content prompts ready to use for growing your audience, more engagement, building influence and using calls to action to make more sales plus bonus packed Trello board ready to add to your Trello planning collection. 

Always know what to post, where and why you are posting it (I.e. the goal of each piece of content you produce).

Selling should be fun and social media affords us a incredible opportunity to show up, be ourselves, have fun and make money!

This pdf guide and trello board and content are for personal business planning use.

This listing is for a digital product only.  No physical product is offered. Templates and digital files may be used but never resold.

No refunds on digital orders but please contact me with any issues using these files.